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Apacer HANDY STENO AH328 4GB USB flash drive - With lifetime warranty

I just bought Apacer HANDY STENO AH328 4GB USB flash drive for RM33. It has beautiful and professional look in a shiny metal like casing.

The sales person offered me 4GB Imation Nano Flash Drive for 1 ringgit less but I prefer the Apacer HANDY STENO AH328 since Imation warranty is only 5 years. I got a lifetime warranty from Apacer.

Apacer also provide a compression software which can be download from called Apacer Compression Explorer (ACE). Apacer Compression Explorer (ACE) is application software that provides file compression, decompression and password protection for Apacer Handy Steno Series USB 2.0 flash drives.

Will download the software later since I need to work on Windows 7 installation with my new flash drive.

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