Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Google Nexus One Android 2.1 video review

Google phone, Nexus One or N1 running Android 2.1 will be officially revealed on 5th January 2010. The unlocked Google One will cost 53 0USD and 179USD for 2 years contract with T-Mobile (79.99 monthly).

Many has said that Nexus One will compete 1 to 1 with Apple Iphone. But let us wait until it's officially release either it's really an Iphone contender or it will stand on it's own territory.

For Nexus One early review, check out this video




Aaron Bentley said...

It the time to see apple Iphone 5, many have experience Glaxy S III. Nowadays it is normal in the world of gadgets. One thing i must say that video is impressive like N1.
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