Saturday, November 21, 2009

How to send text message (sms) online.. With Digi.

I believe this feature is available long before I noticed it existence.
Why would I want to highlight about this feature since most of us already has a mobile phone?

Well .. some of us might have been asked to reply a text message with an explanation or even a report. Imagine if you're using LG KG276, mobile phone with nasty keypad. That will make things a lot more harder.

If you have a chance to sit on in front of your desktop, log on to Digi Online Customer Service (OCS).
On the left menu, choose My Services and click on Send SMS.
digi left menu - send sms
send free sms online with digi - message here

Digi allows you to send 3 free SMS to any Digi number. After that you will be charged accordingly.

The layout is simple, but I believe you can type your text message a lot more confortable. More comfortable than most mobile phone.

However, there's no inbox. Meaning you will still receive text message on your mobile phone. The only feature available is checking last 10 text message sent from Online Customer Service (OCS) within the last 1 month.

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