Sunday, July 26, 2009

Information To Help You Recover Deleted Pics From A Digital Camera

A digital camera can be a terrific way to record and remember the wonderful moments you experience throughout your life. Unfortunately, it can be easy to accidentally delete a picture or group of photos you have taken. The good news is once you have deleted them from your camera, you can still recover deleted pics in most cases.

Your digital camera stores pictures in separate files on the memory card that is inside. There are a number of different memory cards including SD, CF, Memory Stick, and MMC Card to name a few. While there are several different brands, sizes, and models of memory cards, they all act like a floppy disc or hard drive to your camera. After deleted a picture or multiple pictures, your camera will not delete the picture file body and simply leaves them as is.
Because of this, you should be able to retrieve any pictures you have deleted. To start, you will need to connect your camera to a computer using a USB cord. If the camera does not appear as a drive letter, you can use an external USB card to read the camera. After inserting the card, it should be recognized as a drive letter in "My Computer." This is how you will use the software tool to get the data from your memory card.
Now that the camera has been connected, you will next download some kind of picture recovery software online. There are a number of different kinds of software you can find online such as CardRecovery, PhotosRecovery, and PicRecovery. All are fairly small downloads and should be quick to install.

After downloading the software, the next step to undelete deleted pics is to run the software and follow the instructions carefully. You will then click on the welcome window and specify the drive letter of your camera or card reader. You may also want to specific the file type to retrieve and the destination location to save the recovered pictures.

Once you have selected the correct information, your computer will begin to scan the card. Depending on how much memory is on the card, it can take several minutes to perform a complete scan. As soon as the scan is complete, you will be able to preview the deleted pictures as a thumbnail and select the pictures you need. Finally, click next on the software screen and it will save the pictures you have selected to the location you specified.

If you have deleted pictures you did not want to delete, all hope is not lost. With the simple instructions listed in this article, you can recover deleted pics fairly easily. Just make sure to follow the instructions carefully in order to undelete deleted pics from your camera and memory card.

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