Monday, July 27, 2009

Canon Digital Rebel XSi Review

Unfortunately, some people have complained that the casing looks cheap due to its smooth surface which gives the appearance that it's made from plastic. On the other hand, the camera does have a good grip even though it may not feel as comfortable as some other cameras. With the Rebel XSi, all the controls are situated on the right hand side of the screen which unlike previous models is a 3 inch screen.

Consumers like the click of the XSi buttons and the playback images that have a good appearance. This must be due to the resolution of the sensor being higher. As you zoom in 10x there is a slight wait before displays and loads of images.

One good thing about this camera is that the screen can be viewed from the top, bottom, or even the sides. In fact one can even see the image on the screen when the camera is virtually directly above you. The viewing angle is approximately 160 degrees, both vertically and horizontally.

The image quality equation for the Canon Digital Rebel XSi is a mere half. The kit lens which his provided is admittedly very neat and lightweight considering that it's a stabilized lens. Also, settings can be easily adjusted due to the camera having a screen on the rear. Unlike the older version, there is no top screen although there is a detached status screen on the primary LCD screen.
While the camera may have some room for improvement, one cannot deny that it's incredibly fast and color reproduction is nothing short of being excellent, just as are the macros. It seems that the most common complaint has to do with its to noticeably weak auto-focus. In fact, numerous consumers claim that the camera has difficulty the point of focus and that it often gets it wrong. On the other hand, if one utilizes the dissenter focus then it's very close to being accurate although the end result may still be a photograph which is a little fuzzy. Having said all of this, it should be noted that not all consumers have had this complaint.

In fact, this may be largely due to the fact that some consumers are under the wrong impression, in that they believe if they use the "live view", they would be able to use the camera in much the same way as they would a regular point and shoot digital camera. However, the "live view" feature does not make it possible to use the camera without it being secured either by means of an even surface or a tripod. Having said that, some people still feel that both modes of the "live view" are still to drawn out for hand held shots.

All things considered, the Canon Digital Rebel XSi is certainly still worthy of being considered an adequate camera. In fact, there are many people who are first time digital camera owners and who are extremely pleased with this model. Not only are they happy with the features and quality, but also with the ergonomics.

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