Sunday, July 5, 2009

9 Ways Developing Better Writing Habits

1. Write something every day - You can start by writing a 200 words article. Or maybe less. It doesn't matter. Just make sure you write something everyday.

2. Write with minimum distraction - Keep what ever tools or snack close to you. If you can write with your baby crying, then you're very lucky. Most people don't.

3. your most suitable place to write - Make sure you confortable with your chair or table.

4. Set your time - You can choose to spend 15 or 30 minutes each day. If you have an hour or more, that will be very good.

5. Keep your source and writing - Sometimes you will need references for your writing. Always keep then in a good place.
6. Always have a notepad and pen with you - We don't exactly know when good idea will come out. Keep your most handy writing tool with you so that when any idea came, you know where to put them.

7. Change topic - Just change topic if you still not writing after 5 minutes.

8. Set goals and deadlines - Don't be under pressure but you can sometimes force yourself to complete your writing within a reasonable period.

9. Get yourself a coffee - Just get yourself a coffee.

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