Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nintendo DSi downloads - Learn how to download Dsi Games and get unlimited DSi Games for your console

I bought a Nintendo DSi and am loving it just now, However I wanted to be able to Download DSi Games like I do on my Nintendo Wii. I have found the solution for all of you looking for Nintendo DSi Downloads.

These days with the internet there is a wealth of information out there on all sorts of products, information websites. I was looking for Nintendo DSi downloads. I was surprised how little information there was out there. You can now download games for the Wii, Xbox and Playstation 2 but it was very difficult to find a site where I could download Nintendo DSi games.

After much searching in different places I came across a site DSi Download Centre. This site offers the chance to not only download DSi games but also to download additional software movies and music for the DSi.

There was 2 options open to me when I wanted to join the site. I could sign up for 6 months at only $29.95 or I could have a lifetime membership for an additional $10 at $39.95. I decided to go for the lifetime membership as it was only $10 more and I wouldn't have to pay anymore.

Now with the membership I got access to their database of over 150,000 files which includes games, movies and music for the Nontendo Dsi. Also there is bonus materials that you get with the membership. You will also receive a step-by-step guide on how to transfer the downloads from your PC to your Nintendo Dsi.
Now that I have my membership and access to all the games, movies, music and software I need for my dsi I have been on the site improving my collection. I just love my DSi now that I am able to put on it what I want. All I wanted was to download dsi games but got so much more. I have a few movies for my DSi now and i am looking at a few software programs as well. This should keep me going for a while.

If you are wanting nintendo dsi downloads then you do not need to look any further. You can now use DSi Download Center to get all the games, movies, music and software you need for your Nintendo DSi.

If you want to download all the Nintendo DSi Games, movies, music and software then follow the link below and improve your DSi experience today - Nintendo DSi Downloads

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