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Can't afford a Digital TV? Get a Digital TV Converter

A digital TV converter box seems to be all you hear these days. With the digital TV switch getting so close the media cannot emphasis enough the importance of this device to the public. If you own an older TV set and wish to continue to watch it after this friday,this device is a must!

The converter box is a device that will receive the digital signal from your antenna and process them to display on your current TV set. You can simply tune your TV to channel 3 or 4 then select the channel you want to watch through your converter. Most converters also allow you to use either composite, component, or S-video, hookups as well.

The converter comes with a remote control that programmable so you can operate your TV through it. You can use the converters remote to control volume, change channels, and turn your set on and off. This will save you from having to fumble around to grab the correct remote control.

Some of the extra features these converters do is offer on-screen graphics. When you select a channel it will display the channel, time of day, the title of the program that currently playing, and what show is coming up next. Most all converters have an information button on the remote that when pressed will give you a synopsis of the program playing on the screen. Another great feature the devices have is an on-screen guide. No more looking for the TV guide paper. Just press a button and that also is displayed on your screen. The guide shows upcoming events hours in advance.
Digital TV broadcast in the same way your DVD shows movies. On DVD many movies are show in their full aspect ratio. This leaves you with black bars on the top and bottom of your screen. Most DVD players have a zoom or crop button that will format the picture to fill out your screen if these black bars annoy you. HDTV show are broadcast in a 16:9 format. Converter boxes allow you to select which way you prefer to view the programing (black bars of full screen).

When digital converters first came out the cost ran up into thousands of dollars. I bought my first one a few years ago for $250. Thank goodness today the only carry $40 to $70 price tag and if you call 1-888-DTV-2009 you can apply for a $40 coupon towards the purchase.

With the big switch only weeks away, now is the time to get prepared. Once you have made the upgrade I know you will be delighted. More channels, crystal clear pictures, on-screen guide and graphics. The digital converter box will turn your old TV set into state of the art piece of equipment.


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