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What Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome have in common

This is a keyboard shortcut for Internet Explorer 7. Interestingly, I found that Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome also using exactly the same keyboard shortcut and for exactly the same function.

Here's 10 keyboard shortcut shared by Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome

- To zoom In : Ctrl +

- To zoom Out : Ctrl -

- Go to address bar: Ctrl + L

- Go to Search box: Ctrl + K

- To scroll down the page: Space Bar

- To scroll up the page: Shift + Space Bar
- To Refresh the Page: Ctrl + R

- To open a new tab: Ctrl + T

- To Close a tab: Click on the Tab and Press Ctrl + W

- To open a recently closed Tab: Ctrl + Shift + T

I believe there's more function similarities between Internet Explorer, Firerox and Chrome.
If you know any similarities between these 3 internet browser, why don't you share it here?


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