Monday, April 6, 2009

Storm will hit Maxis customer

Maxis Telecommunication is introducing Blackberry Storm for it's costumer. It is now available for preorder on Maxis website. Few weeks ago Celcom has announced the pre-order of Blackberry Storm for it's customer. Celcom TV advertisement says it will come on April, but until now, it's still not available.
All right, Blackberry Storm will available for RM2199 with 24 month contract for Value Plus 150 & BlackBerry service from Maxis. Without the contract, Blackberry Storm will cost you RM2499 with Maxis service.


Investigation said...

Blackberry storm is yet not available ?
i am looking forward to buy this one

Custom Application said...

Blackberry was the first iphone to come in the market and as i know its a great one !

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