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How to Trace a Landline Number When Harassed by a Caller

If you are being called from a landline number, there are several ways you can determine where it originated. This can be particularly helpful if you are being harassed by a caller. Unfortunately, the free reverse lookup services available on the Internet are only beneficial if you have the number. Without that, how to trace a landline number can be a bit more challenging.

When this happens, you need to contact the phone company. One option they may suggest is called a Trap. Basically, this is placed on your phone line to allow the phone company to see all of the numbers placing calls to you. But you have to keep a log of the prank or threatening calls so the appropriate numbers can be identified. Without both parts of the process, the trap won’t work.

You can also use Call Trace, which is a service through your phone company. Basically, when you receive a call you need to trace, you hang up then immediately dial *57. This signal causes the last call to be traced automatically. But there are drawbacks to this service despite its convenience: the service does not work outside of your local calling area. That may also mean calls coming from cell phones might not be traceable in such a fashion either.

For some people, even knowing how to trace a landline number does not provide the information they need to make the calls stop. Getting a new number is sometimes the only way to stop truly disturbing and harassing calls.

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