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A complete overview on how to install ActiveX

How to install ActiveX Control?

If there is internet explorer in your systems there is no need of installation process. This is because in most of the cases they will be already given with these controls. In case there is no controls or you have any other web browsers such as Mozilla, Netscape etc then just go as follows.

1. Search the webpage for which you want to install.
2. Open the page which requires these controls.
3. Click on the information bar, select ‘Install ActiveX Control’. You will be asked for the confirmation. Once you click on Yes the installation process starts. Once the process gets ended up the webpage gets reloaded. In case this doesn’t happens then please restart the browser.

What is an ActiveX Control?

An ActiveX Control is a special type of program which is used in creation of various applications that works on internet for ex: file viewers, animation displayers etc. These programs can also be re used to create more and more applications. It was first known as OCX controls or OLE controls. Microsoft is involved in the technology for creating these programs.

These programs are easy to download. The downloading will be done in the form of animations or small programs. These programs are rarely equal to in the process of implementation of Java applet. ActiveX Controls can be created in any languages which can recognise the Microsoft’s COM (Component Object Model).

The support distributed for this model is called as DCOM (Distributed Component Object Model). The module involved in ActiveX control is DLL (Dynamic Link Library). The application program used to run this program is called Container. The Container uses the interfaces of Component Object Model. This component can also be reused. It also helps in the development of the application and reduces the time taken for development. The quality and capability of various types of application programs are improved using ActiveX Controls. The advantages of these programs are highly taken by Microsoft Access and also Power Builders. The programs which are basically used to edit these programs are C++ and Visual Basics.

When and how to use an ActiveX Controls?

The browsers pose a special feature for detection of ActiveX components. It then refers to a special application called ‘CLASSIDS’ on the websites. Then it searches for the ActiveX controls in your system. In case if your system does not poses these controls it will downloaded by the browser automatically. Once the job is done they will still remain in the registry. Later the registry will be cleaned up by the windows of the registry. This results in the rapid functioning of your system.

How to download ActiveX controls safely?

The scripts of Visual Basics are mainly used to write these programs. The intent of malicious can be used in designing these programs. Many people download these programs from remote and illegal sites. It results in huge damage of your systems. To avoid these things happen Microsoft proposed the special concept of signature. The online of online signatures now get these controls signed digitally. This will help the users to stay away from piracy.

The more web pages you visits the more controls get downloaded. This will reduce the fastness of your system. Then cleaners of registry are used to wash these contents and reload the rapid functioning of the system.

The main advantages of ActiveX Controls:

1. Great performance: The system of binary technologies is involved in this program. Therefore there is no requirement of byte codes to machine codes translators.
2. Persistence: These programs can be used again and again. Once you download these controls it still remains for you after getting the job done. It reminds you the web pages which are illegal.
3. Independent of Language: It works on any compatible language.

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