Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blackberry Storm now available at Celcom.

Finally the Storm is here. Celcom customer can now ask for their Blackberry Storm. If you interested with Blackberry Storm plus Celcom service, you can checkout which package suite you most. Both package offer unlimited internet and Blackberry email usage.

If you plan to buy Blackberry Storm with Celcom subscription without contract, The Blackberry Storm will cost you is RM2,488.

If that is expansive to you, checkout or The average price for Blackberry Storm is around RM2,100. again if you're lucky, you can get it below RM2,000.

Oops, i'm sorry. I miss some information here. Blackberry Storm will be available on Celcom from 28th April onwards.

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Anonymous said...

great, i wanna grab it.. i also a celcom exec50 user.

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