Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Your Wii Can't Play DVDs..... Or Can It? The Answer is Wii Homebrew

If you’re anything like me, or like anyone else in the world that owns a Wii, you're probably wondering why on earth the Wii is so limited in what functionality it offers you out of the box. The most common question I hear from friends and family is "Why can't my Wii play DVDs?"

And the truth, believe it or not, is that it can. Let me guess, you have taken your favorite DVD off the shelf and put it in your Wii only to find out that your get an invalid media error message. Don’t worry, I’ve done it as well and cannot work out why the functionality of a task as simple as playing a DVD was taken away from a gaming console that has the hardware functionality to do so.
The great news is that giving your Wii the functionality to do this is absolutely within your reach and no matter where you purchased your Wii from, when you purchased it, or what you have done with it since its been in your possession, you are able to make your console even better than it already is. Imagine being able to use your Wii console for everything from playing games with the intuitive remote, to watching and navigating through your favorite movies with the very same control.

The pure fact that you aren’t adding yet another remote control just gives your Wii that extra push in the right direction. Even better, your official Nintendo worldwide warranty is not modified or void in anyway. This is always a major concern when adding functionality to a product.

These methods do not require any modification to hardware or firmware, and everything is completely reversible if for some unknown reason you would like to revoke anything that you do.

If you're interested in learning how to make your Wii play DVDs, the following website created by a team of Wii fanatics like yourself contains an abundant amount of information in relation to this and more. All you have to do is click here


James said...

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camilyn said...


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_robert said...

Ok, I'm getting tired of seeing this question asked over and over again. Here is the only answer you'll ever need to know about "why the Wii console no longer supports DVD playback".

For those of you who don't know, DVD video and DVD video games process information in very different ways. A video game doesn't strain your hardware nearly as much as a DVD video. With that in mind, Nintendo ships its Wii console with just about the worst DVD playback hardware money can buy. Don't act so surprised. SONY Playstation does the same thing. They couldn't care less about their customers. They would rather pocket the extra 20 cents it would cost to manufacture a decent DVD player than give their customers a break. These DVD players are known as "Dead Players", and only last between 50 to 75 hours of video playback through DVD hardware. So what happened? Customers played DVDs on their older Wii's until the videos started skipping, and their games started freezing, ..then, low and behold, team twizzler came out with HBC. An efficient way for everyone to modify there Wii console to play movies and games without the need for Nintendo's crap DVD hardware. The old Wii paperweights were now usable again. Of course, this upset Nintendo. And as any money grubbing company would do, they decided to dismiss this and focus their business plan on what they thought mattered most, ..MONEY. So they set their developers to work to make sure the newer Wii consoles didn't support DVD video playback, thus eliminating the customers need to modify their systems, as now their games wouldn't freeze since there was no strain from DVD video. Alas, they are too late. 4 million people all over the world now enjoy free gaming at Nintendo's expense, ..just because the idiot CEO's wanted to save a few extra cents when manufacturing their hardware. Blockbuster made a similar mistake, and look what happened to them. Nintendo does't care about us, so why should we care about them. Soft-mod your Wii, download your games through torrent sites, and show them what happens when they bite the hand that feeds them.

NEVER play DVD Videos on your Wii, or SONY Playstation, ..or any other manufacturer that manufactures cheap hardware. You WILL lose the use of that hardware sooner than you expect. Copy or download your movies to a removable medium and play them internally, as this does NO damage to your hardware.

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