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Nokia 6600 Slide and E66 on Digi January 2009 Redemtion Promotion.

This month Digi Monthly Redemtion Promotion is Nokia E66 and Nokia 6600 Slide. 6000 point for E66 and 3000 point for Nokia 6600 Slide. I found out the information when I logon to Digi website this morning. Just to double confirm, I rang Digi customer service and ask about the redemtion promotion.
According to Digi customer service, I need to redeem my bonus points online for the handphone. Quickly, I login to Digi OCS to check my point and ta da....... I have 6112 bonus points and after reading some review on Nokia E66 and Nokia 6600 Slide I decided to choose Nokia E66.

There's only 5 Nokia E66 and 10 Nokia 6600 Slide. Based on first come first serve basis and stock availability, this month bonus points redemtion promotion will end on 31st January. So.. if you have enough bonus points, hurry up. You might be one of the lucky person. Ops.. the best part is, you don't have to pay anything, just redeem your bonus points.
I hope I'm one of the lucky new Nokia E66 owner.
Some Nokia E66 feature that impressed me:
-GPS receiver
-HSDPA ( 3.6Mbps download speed)
-ARM 11, 369 MHz processor

Ok, enough with that.
One of my favorite question to Digi customer service, is When is Digi going to roll out 3G? Most of the time the customer service told me that they have no information on that, but this morning... I got a different and promising answer.
Digi customer service said that Digi will roll out their 3G service end of this month. Meaning...yeah.. end of this month. Just to make sure he didn't gave me wrong information, I asked him if Digi has done some testing on their 3G, he promptly said that Digi has done some testing in Damansara area and at the end of this month.. they will roll out 3G throughout Malaysia.
Being so excited, I quicky thanks the guy and hangup. I forget to ask about the access rate and charges. Anyway, I hope Digi can provide better service than other provider.


  1. hey.. did u get any sms mention that are the winner of the redemption?
    i also did submit for redemption.. but then i did not get any sms notification...

    Digi 3g... they mentioned that they will rollout on end of 2008
    but then now wait until feb liao.. no news at all.. they always tipu...

  2. I rang Digi CS on Monday, they will sms the winner either this week or next week.
    Regarding Digi 3G, you're right, I ask the same question again and Digi CS says sometimes this year.

  3. hey.. did u got the phone? finally i got an sms from digi says that i did not success...

    what bout u?

  4. same here, have no luck on the redemption promotion.

  5. got anybody get the phone here b4 of redeemption ?? u guy think that is real or wat....!!!!