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Zune player frozen, locked up on Zune Loading screen upon boot up or reset?

Zune player frozen, locked up on Zune Loading screen upon boot up or resetIt's everywhere and it's all the same. Most of Microsoft 30GB Zune user found that their Zune player is frozen and locked up on Zune Loading screen at around 2.00 am today.

One user wrote in Zune forum
"I was charging my zune overnight & when I woke up my zune was not working. It's been stuck on the "Zune Loading screen" for a while. Restarting it doesn't work. The hard drive sounds like it can't start. It's a 1st Gen 30gb Black Zune. "
The actual cause to this problem is still unknown. but most Zune user believe it's got something to do with Zune clock. All locked Zune have their clock enabled. There's a guy who disable his Zune clock said that his Zune work just fine.
"Yes, I had enabled my clock and had an issue with it previously, come to think of it. I had it clear on me once, and when I called in they told me it was most likely do to the new features. I turned back on the clock - it crashed again (not like this though, I was able to do a hadware clear). So I used it without the clock for awhile, found it was working, and got stupid and turned it back on. Didn't have a problem until today."

Mean while, there still no information from Microsoft about this problem.


  1. my wife's 30GB V1 Zune is having the same issue. Nice to know it's not just her, I thought the thing was busted and it just got past the warranty and I was pissed (esp since we just bought me a V2 120GB for Christmas). Hope M$ fixes it soon....

  2. I miss the days of the manual on/off switch.

  3. I HEAR THAT!!!!