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Google Chrome Beta - A Web browser from Google

Google has released Chrome, A Google's web browser. Google engineer said, Google Chrome will speed up web search, web advertising and web applications.

If you're Firefox or Internet Explorer user, I recommend and suggest you to download and give Google Chrome a try. It simply faster than Firefox. The speed will easily noticed.

Check out Google Chrome features

One Box for everything - Web search. Web history. Address bar. Suggestions as you type. One unified box serves all your browsing needs.

New Tab page - Every time you open a new tab, you'll see a visual sampling of your most visited sites, most used search engines, and recently bookmarked pages and closed tabs.

Application Shortcuts - Use web apps without opening your browser. Application shortcuts can directly load your favorite online apps.

Dynamic Tabs - You can drag tabs out of the browser to create new windows, gather multiple tabs into one window or arrange your tabs however you wish -- quickly and easily.

Crash Control - Every tab you're using is run independently in the browser, so if one app crashes it won't take anything else down.

Incognito Mode - Don't want pages you visit to show up in your web history? Choose incognito mode for private browsing.

Safe Browsing - Google Chrome warns you if you're about to visit a suspected phishing, malware or otherwise unsafe website.

Instant Bookmarks - Want to bookmark a web page? Just click the star icon at the left edge of the address bar and you're done.

Importing Settings - When you switch to Google Chrome, you can pick up where you left off with all the bookmarks and passwords from your existing browser.

Simpler Downloads - No intrusive download manager; you see your download's status at the bottom of your current window.


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