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8 Free photography ebook

1. Tinker Tubes - Personal Lighting Systems by Dean Collins
Light weight modular diffusion lighting systems you can build yourself from everyday materials. This book shows how to build an Adjustable Light Box and a variety of Light Panels and Light Houses.(PDF format)

2. Lighting 101 by David Hobby
Intimidated by the idea of off-camera lighting?
Don't be.(PDF format)

3. JPG Magazine by 8020 Publishing
(PDF format)

4. The Image-Space Tips and Tricks collection by Joe Barrett
Containing over thirty of the Image-Space Lightroom Tips and Tricks in one easy to read or print ebook format.
Includes the Library Module, Develop Module and the general use of Lightroom.(PDF format)

5. Wedding Photography eBook by Edwin Leong
Free ebook on wedding photography, usefull for hobbyist photographer those who want to start a wedding photography business or for professional photographer who want to extend their business. (PDF format)

6. Technique by Andrew Smit
Photography technique layout.(PDF format)

7. Starting a Photography Business (An Overview) by Jim Talkington
“Starting a Photography Business (An Overview)” is a free downloadable document containing the first fourteen entries from The entries have been compiled in pdf form for your ease of reading and printing. While the same information can be found on this website by searching, I have always found it useful to print things out in order to make notes in the margins.(PDF format)

8. Street Photography
Street photography - for the purist by Chris Weeks
(PDF format)


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