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Maxis Wireless Broadband - Minimum 18 month contract period is off

Maxis has changed their Wireless Broadband subscription package terms and conditions.

Here's the new conditions.

From 28th April onwards:
1. Upon registration you need to pay RM100 for activation fee. If you unhappy with that package, eg. internet too slow, return your package within 7 day and you will get full refund.

2. If you have been using Maxis Wireless Broadband more than 7 day but less tha 12 month, you can return the package. You need to pay RM200 for what Maxis called "Handling Fee".

3. After 12 months, you can return the package without paying anything.

4. The minimum 18-month contract period no longer applies.

Maxis has recieved so many complain for the unreliable internet connection and speed by their wireless broadband subscribers.

Another possibility that make they change their policy is maybe because of new competitor like UMobile with their "Surf with U" package that offer 3.6 Mbps download speed for only RM78.

With the new terms and conditions, I believe many subscribers will return their wireless broadband package at the same time new subscribers will grow faster.


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