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The Adsense Game - An Interactive Adsense Game

Few days ago I was thinking if somebody had developed any adsense game. It least I can see there's money coming in. After typing in "adsense game" and hit search, Google gives me "The Adsense Game" by Joel Comm.

So. here's how to play the adsense game

- Choose website type. From accounting to video games. There's 42 website type.
- Build your website. Choose between free blog or register your own domain name.
- Market your website. It can be word of mouth, SEO, adword.
- Ad block placement. There's 12 position available, choose one.
- Ad block color. You can change your ad color.

Once the setup is complete, you just click Start Your Day to see your daily income based on your setup.

Although it is not real but it teach you that different web site type, different ad placement, different ad color and even a different day will giev you a different income.

To play The Adsense Game, here's the link:


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