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Nokia SMS gadget for Windows Vista Sidebar

Nokia Beta Labs has released the beta version of Nokia Text Messenger Gadget for Windows Vista Sidebar.

Nokia SMS gadgetBy default, Nokia Text Messenger Gadget will display only 3 text message. Hover your mouse onto it, it will display full message.

Nokia SMS gadget
To display more message, drag this gadget from windows Sidebar so that it float on your desktop. You will have slightly larger gadget size and it display 5 messages.

When you click on the message, a reply screen appear. You can proceed to reply the message.

Nokia SMS gadgetThere's a compose message button. It will display a compose message screen. Click on TO will access and display contacts from your phone.

Nokia SMS gadgetNokia Text Messenger should work on all Nokia devices compatible with PC Suite version 6.85 or later.

On my machine, Nokia Text Messenger Gadget response very slow. It took around 40 seconds to display text messages after I connect my Nokia 6630 phone. Accessing other function also show some delay.

Personally, this little gadget had the basic of text messaging. But they really need to fix the time delay otherwise it would be a waste of time.

You can download Nokia Text Messenger Gadget here:


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