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How to improve Wifi connectivity and stability

I was googling to search for Wifi tips. As my company adding more Wifi device to their networking environment, I need to gain more knowledge on how to improve connectivity, availability and stability.

Here's the link which I found usefull.

1. 10 tips for improving your wireless network
Learn how to improve the range and performance of your wireless network using these 10 useful tips.

2. Top 25 Wireless Tips & Tricks
Want a better Wi-Fi experience on the road? The two keys are a long-range Wi-Fi card and a Wi-Fi travel router. With a long-range card, you can connect to even the weakest hotspot signals, and maximize throughput

3. Wireless Security - WiFi Wireless Home Network Security Tips
When setting up and maintaining WiFi home networks, consider these tips for maximizing the security of the computers and data on these networks.

4. How to Improve Your Wi-Fi Network's Performance
How to Improve Your Wi-Fi Network's Performance ... Now, MIMO and draft-802.11n routers have pushed the wireless frontier to 280 mbps and beyond, ...


  1. If your wifi connection is slow cause it's far away, you don't really need to buy a really expensive router or adapter. There are good cheap adapters out there like the wifire that can pick up a wifi signal from like 300 feet away and still have a good connection speed. Most other adapters as good are over 150$ i think, and the wifire is 80$. It's a good deal

  2. The best option to increase wireless router network range is to use a reflector antenna. The link below has a short video on how to make one. It is very easy and almost doubles your range. There is also a ready-made image template which you can just print and cut out.

  3. Use external powerful wifi adapter to receive signal such as Alpha wifi adapter with antenna. it is very cheap and it can receive signal from distant router