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DiGi Telecommunication with Happy

DiGi Telecommunication had launch a new mobile prepaid service called "Happy". According to their research, 90% of mobile user in Malaysia use their mobile phone for voice call and text messaging only. And that is the only service offered by "Happy".

I have checked "Happy" website to learn more about their service.

So... the rate.

- The call rate is RM0.01/second. Meaning 20 cent if you talk 20 second, 60 cent if you talk 60 second.
The big thing is, Happy will only change you for the first 99 second, the rest is free. If you talk for 5 minutes, the charge is 99 cents. If you talk for 1 hour.. the charge will still 99 cents

- RM0.10 per SMS to anyone

- Any reload will valid for 60 days. Not 7 days, 10 days or 1 month. It's 60 days.

Visit Happy website for more information.

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