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5 ways to boost our brain power

This is my personal way of so called " boost brain power".

1. Exercise – your brain and your body works together. If your body is healthy, so is your brain. I do "taebo" once a week

2. Eat Moderate – Don’t eat too much. Your stomach will have to work harder to digest extra food. You will easily get sleepy.

3. Get enough sleep – Your brain need rest same as your body.

4. Play puzzle games – This is like an exercise to your brain so that it will stay fit and get stronger. I personally like sudoku. Play the one you like. Play it constantly and it will help you a lot.

5. Do things differently – Let me give you an example. If you are right handed, you can try :
- Use mouse with your left hand.
- Play guitar left handed.
- Kick with your left leg.
There’s many thing you can try.


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