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How to connect or link two computers with Ethernet cable

There’s few other method you can use to link two computers. But if you want to play network games, running a network application or for file and print sharing, connecting with Ethernet cable is the best option.

Personally I have done this for Windows to Windows, Windows to Linux (or vice versa) and LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project).

Make sure each computer have a functioning network interface.
Most motherboard has a build–in network interface. Otherwise, get an internal NIC or USB to Ethernet adapter if you prefer external.

2. Get the Ethernet crossover cable
· The easiest way is to buy one. Go to your local IT store and tell the sales person that you want a crossover cable. Additionally, you might have to tell the sales person that you want to connect two computers. No hub, switch or router involved.

· Or, make your own.

3. Connect the two computer with the cable
· IF you’re using Windows XP on both computers, you probably don’t have to do anything. Windows XP will automatically connect to each other.

· Otherwise, if the other computer is running Linux for example, set an IP address for each computer.
For example: Set the first computer with
IP address
Subnet Mask

2nd computer
IP address
Subnet Mask

* Note that the only difference between IP addresses is 1 and 2 (it can be any number from 1-254. Just make sure it’s not the same number)

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